Acton Computational Linguistics 

Computer Science x Linguistics 

Labor Day Week

Our Purpose

Our goal at Acton Computational Linguistics is to spread our passion for knowledge around the world. 

In our technologically advancing world, language and fluency are becoming more important than ever. We strive to apply a combination of logic, problem-solving, and critical thinking to subjects like computer science and language. 

As a part of our mission, we host competitions that incorporate computer science and linguistic principles. No prior knowledge of linguistics is required to compete. These problems are of ranging difficulty and are fun to solve. We also offer a plethora of prizes for the winners. Go check out our "Competitions" page for more information! 

We also host public webinars about advances in linguistics around the world. We talk about topics such as geopolitics and regional linguistic history. Anyone is welcome to join, so feel free to hop by!

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