The Competition

Our competitions consist of various types of problems, described below. We do not separate contestants based on age. We do distribute prizes to the best performers. Our competitions are administered online, and contestants have one week to complete the problems.

Types Of Problems


In these problems you have to translate sentences given a few words. Occasionally you will be given translations for all the words, but the order will be mixed up.

Number Systems

In these problems, you are given simple arithmetic and have to decode the numbers in different languages into English. Sometimes as a twist, we change the number base system.


These problems are usually the most technical and have to deal with the conjugation of words between different types of forms (singular, plural, etc.). They can be solved by finding a pattern between similar-sounding and words with similar endings.


In these problems, you have to find what English word corresponds to the correct word in a different script. These problems can be easier with a bit of background knowledge, but they can be solved without.

Thank you to the takers of Test 0!

Test 0 was our practice test and we really appreciate all the students who took the time out of their day to partake in the examination. Their feedback is invaluable!

Kunaal Mahajan, Dhruv Kadam, Sashwat Ganeshwaran, Vishaal Menon, and Sourish Yanamandra